I conduct multi-disciplinary research that integrates sedimentology, stratigraphy, geochemistry, and paleontology to investigate the co-evolution of environment and life in Earth history.  All my projects are hypothesis-driven, and typically start with detailed field investigations. Fundamental in all my projects is the emphasis of first-hand field-based results and a hypothesis-driven approach. The multidisciplinary nature of my research requires a holistic understanding of the Earth-life system at both micro- and macro-scales in deep time. 

Environmental context of early animal evolution (Cui+ 2016 Palaeo3; 2016 Geobiology; 2019 Geological Magazine)

The largest δ13C negative excursion in Earth’s history (Cui+2017 Chemical Geology)

Deep-time δ13C positive anomalies (Cui+ 2018 Precambrian Research)

Great Oxidation Event in North America (Cui+ 2018 Astrobiology)

Ancient sulfur cycle anomalies (Cui+ 2018 American Mineralogist)

Precambrian-Cambrian transition (Cui+ 2019 Geological Magazine)

Probing the biogeochemical anomalies by SIMS (Cui+ 2018 American Mineralogist; in preparation)